The Power Of Professional Advice

John Hancock products are sold by professionals at many recognizable financial firms. If you are interested in purchasing one of our products, we suggest that you contact your financial adviser. If you're not currently working with a financial adviser, we encourage you to consider making one a part of your financial strategy.

The value of financial advice

A financial adviser can help you maintain perspective, and keep emotional investing at bay. They'll aid you in articulating your financial goals, and formulate a road map to help you achieve them. This process may include:

  • Building an asset allocation that is suitable for your specific goals, time horizon and risk tolerance and recommending investments that are consistent with your plan.
  • Monitoring your progress, and recommending changes where appropriate. Many financial advisers will do this when they meet with you.

Finding a financial adviser

Choosing the right adviser involves many factors, and is often a personal decision based on your needs. Here are some tips to help you with your search:

  • Start by looking around your community for financial advisers who have offices near you and contact them. They can tell you right away whether they are licensed to sell John Hancock products.
  • Get in touch with friends, family members, neighbors and business associates and gather the names of highly recommended financial advisers. Oftentimes, your own personal network can be extremely helpful in your search.
  • Talk to your attorney, accountant and any other professional about financial advisers they know and respect. Also ask about professional organizations they suggest you look at for referrals — here are some to consider:

Check With Professional Organizations.

There are a number of independent financial groups that can potentially help you in your search. They include:

Financial Planning

A recent study demonstrates the power of a plan.3

  • Those who feel prepared for the future are three times more likely to have a plan than those who do not feel prepared.
  • Of those people who feel "very" or "fairly" well prepared:

    67% have a plan
    18% do not
    15% are not sure

Helpful Checklists

Life Events Checklist

Use this checklist to determine and select the best ways to keep your long-term goals on track.

Life Events Checklist (PDF)
Key Questions To Ask A Financial Adviser

Use this questionnaire to help you evaluate and select a financial adviser. You can also use it to get to know your current adviser better.

Key Questions To Ask A Financial Adviser (PDF)

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