The Importance of Professional Advice

From setting goals and selecting investments to identifying short- and long-term insurance needs, your financial advisor can help you maximize investment opportunities, minimize your exposure to investment risks, prepare you for the unknown and protect your loved ones.



  • Providing objective advice so you can make informed investment and insurance decisions
  • Identifying different types of insurance that can provide for your loved ones, your future care and your long-term security
  • Reviewing your insurance options at work and develop a comprehensive strategy
  • Determining your comfort level with investment risk and articulate your financial goals as the basis for your investment plan
  • Helping you understand the need and value of insurance and appreciate the difference between saving and investing 


  • Guiding your evaluation and selection of insurance policies
  • Constructing your investment asset allocation strategy
  • Diversifying your savings among different types of investments
  • Empowering you with educational resources and tools
  • Providing a holistic view of your insurance and investment holdings


  • Conducting ongoing monitoring and periodically rebalancing your investment portfolio
  • Providing insurance solutions to keep pace with your life's changes
  • Offering context to help you better understand market developments
  • Bringing new and suitable investment and insurance opportunities to your attention


As your personal situation evolves, your financial advisor will help you determine the impact on your investment goals and your insurance needs. You can rely on your financial advisor to bring innovative solutions to the table, offer a plan of action and help you maintain your confidence in the future.

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John Hancock Financial Center

At John Hancock Financial Center, we leverage technology and our high-touch, team-based approach to serving individuals and families throughout the United States. When you work with us, you are served by a highly experienced team of professionals dedicated to providing a personalized, transparent, and reassuring experience. Each team member brings a distinct area of expertise and experience, collectively providing a collaborative and engaging team of professionals to help you achieve your financial goals.

Successful wealth management is the result of an ongoing collaboration between investor and advisor, built upon trust and maintained according to the highest standards of integrity and expertise.

Our process begins with one of our Financial Consultants who will work with you to review your financial position, stated goals and objectives and help you plan any important financial milestones for the next 5, 10 or 15 years as well as how you will want to spend your retirement.

To help you get there, your Financial Consultant can suggest a strategy of investments that are appropriate for you.

Once the plan is in place, you and your Financial Consultant will review it regularly – to measure your progress toward meeting your goals and make any updates to help you stay on track.